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The Bold Standard

Oct 11, 2018

From a boy with a stutter to popular fraternity brother and top drug dealer in the city - Alex’s first “entrepreneurial gig” came to an abrupt halt the morning the DEA shattered his bedroom window and arrested him.

But for Alex, even that “business” was never for the money. It was to fulfill something much deeper.

Plagued with such heavy self-doubt from a stutter that made him the laughing target of his kindergarten class, Alex grew up doing everything he could to get people to like him - including
selling drugs.

He’s no stranger to the game we play with ourselves as we put up facades thinking that’s what will sell. Thinking that’s how to succeed.

Until it all came crashing down, literally. So Alex committed to break down his bullshit stories so he could build a life of truth, congruence and abundance by simply being, himself.

And it’s worked. Alex is his own best case study. From jail cell to integrity based sales expert, Alex transitioned into the coaching space at just 21 helping Ted McGrath build a multi-million dollar coaching and seminar organization, from the ground up, in just four years.

Now with one of the highest client success rates in the industry having personally led over 2000 enrollment conversations and helped influencers all over the world collectively sell 8-figures+, Alex teaches his clients how to sell with truth instead of tactics, and build businesses that fuel them, so they can live as the most authentic, expressed version of themselves.